The World of Cathell: The Immortals

I’m going to start adding some behind the scenes info for the world of Cathell, which is starting to grow quite large in my head these days. I’m going to start with the Immortals.

In book 2, The Taming, Thystle meets an imp who tricks her into doing work for a shadowy group known only as “the Immortals”. We learn that the Immortals have their hands in most of the underhanded dealings within the town of Haven (don’t let the town’s name fool you).

Their influence stretches far beyond Haven. Much of their clientele is made up by the non-humans of Cathell — dwarves, vampyres, shades, the inhabiteds, and others.

No manner of exploit is beyond them. Whether it’s gambling, women, illicit substances, or murder that’s your vice, they have their hands in it.
Information is money to the imps, and thus, their Immortal employers. If they can find a way to extort your habits, your needs, that knowledge is all they need to get their hooks in you. So be careful what you say around them.

According to Thystle’s maker, Wiat, no one knows what the Immortals look like. Everyone just deals with the imps or the Immortals’s other underlings.

That is, until book 4, Shadowboxer, when Thystle has a chance encounter with far reaching consequences…