The World of Cathell: The God Who Became the Darkness

Sibling rivalry between gods is a common theme in mythologies across our world. Cathell’s mythologies have similar tales. But the one tale that isn’t told openly is the rivalry between Kaliphesh and his brother Aephis.

When the god Yurevis was the High Father among the old gods, two sons were born to him by the High Mother.

The brothers were equal in many ways but temperament. Where Aephis was patient and honorable, Kaliphesh was changeable and petty. Aephis was beloved by his parents and the other gods. Kaliphesh was tolerated.

No matter how often Aephis tried to make peace with his brother, Kaliphesh rebuffed him. He challenged Aephis at every opportunity, from intellectual puzzles to foot races to who could pass more dragons through the eye of a needle. They each won an even number of times.

The other gods claimed Aephis let him win behind Kaliphesh’s back.

None of the gods were then surprised when Yurevis chose Aephis to succeed him when he descended into the god sleep. Aephis was the natural choice for succession.

Kaliphesh was furious. He railed against his father and the other gods for five days and five nights. On the sixth day, he left his father’s mansion and set about creating a new identity for himself.
He called himself The Harbinger.