All Hands, Ready the Cannons!


I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. I stopped doing them in college, because no matter how good of intentions I had about keeping my resolutions — do my homework on time, go to class more . . . the usual — they never stuck.

That’s kind of the nature of most resolutions. They’re fleeting, no matter how much we want them not to be.

But I was working on my latest newsletter, and I got to thinking about resolutions again, and also Pirates of the Caribbean. Specifically, the scene where the crew of the Black Pearl realizes they don’t have ammunition for the cannons, so they load anything they don’t need. Like the cutlery. That’s how I came up with Cannon Fodder.

Rather than make a resolution to do something, which you won’t keep after a few months anyhow, why not choose something to load in your figurative cannons and launch overboard?

You can read about what I chose to use as Cannon Fodder in my newsletter, but I liked the idea so much and others did, too, that I’ve decided to do this again next year.

I’m also adding in formatting my own books (it’s SO tedious) and failing to take care of me (and not just my writing and other people).

So, tell me, what will you be launching off your own boat this year?

— A.M.