Corruption of Honor Pt. I: The Burning

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The Blurb:

Shaun Grayson is close to earning her knight’s sword the night the wards fail. Being a knight is all she’s ever wanted. She just has to find a way around the interference of the highborns. Then what seemed like nothing more than a storm brewing over the city turns into a siege by an army in black with mages at the fore. Suddenly, the capital is burning down around her ears.

Thomas Delschein and Shaun have been friends since the Trials, but it isn’t always easy. She’s headstrong in a way that gets her in trouble and likes to drag him into it, too. But she’s damn good with a sword, so when the fighting starts, there’s no one he’d rather have guarding his back.

Sara Hahlerand was tenth in line when the siege came. She never wanted nor was ever expected to rule. As people start dying, however, that’s no longer a certain thing, and her father orders her to flee the city with Shaun and Thomas. She’s not a fighter, but she must at least find a way to become a leader.

A treacherous road lies ahead of this small band, one filled with enemy agents and demons that come in the night. Their only hope is to live long enough to reach the king’s reinforcements in Parna to the east.